Mommy Guilt – I’m sure we have all dealt with this at some point.  And I was all prepared to write about my guilt this week concerning breastfeeding and how I decided to start weaning Baby M.  I was going to vent about how it’s been stressful feeding her because I don’t have enough milk and she screams because she’s still hungry and how I feel guilty switching to formula even though I know it’s perfectly fine for her.  So, I was going to whine and vent and wallow a bit in my feelings of guilt and sadness regarding Baby M moving to bottle feeding.

But, I got distracted in the middle of writing and started reading a few other Mom blogs.  One was about a woman’s struggle with infertility and how she is still trying after many years to conceive.  Another was about a Mom with a child who has a serious illness.  I then thought about a few of my friends whose husbands are in the military.  They are not only raising their kids alone but also have to deal with missing and worrying about their husbands. 

Suddenly my frustration with breastfeeding didn’t seem so important.  Now, I already knew that it wasn’t a huge problem in the grand scheme of things, but I really needed to gain a bit of perspective.  This is one of the great things about havng a network of other Mom’s (whether in real life or in the blogosphere).  It’s so important to have friends that you can share your struggles with – big or small.  Because our small struggles are important and we need to have people that won’t judge us for our small worries.  But, it is also important to gain perspective and look at our problems in relation to the big picture. 

I am sure that the woman who is trying to become pregnant would love to be worrying about whether or not she can breastfeed her baby.  So while I am still a little sad about no longer breastfeeding Baby M, I am not feeling upset by it.  It’s such a small thing, really.  I’m so lucky that I was able to have that special time with her for almost 5 months.  And, let me just add that if any of you happen to do a Google search about weaning a young baby and happen to find the same link I did – It is NOT true that your baby will be traumatized by weaning and wonder if their mother still loves them.  Yes, someone actually wrote that!!!  Talk about Mommy Guilt! 

So, tonight I am counting my blessings that my biggest worry of the week is trying to figure out how many ounces Baby M should be drinking and which formula is best for her.  How do you choose from so many formula choices?  I was going to go with the one that had the cutest, cuddliest teddy bear on the front but thought that may not be the most educated way to make a decision.  Guess I’ll be calling the pediatrician tomorrow.