Now that we canceled cable, we have only one channel with cartoons.  Unfortunately, the commercials are short infomercials.  Ethan, like most young children, is very easily influenced by these informercials.  We didn’t know he took a picture of the TV when the SpaceBag commercial was playing until I downloaded his pictures today.  One day after watching a cartoon, he told me that we needed to go to the store and buy SpaceBags.  He said they were great and we could store lots of stuff under our beds.  I thought it was so funny that he asked me for a Space Bag.

Even better is the conversation he had with Brad in the car on the way to Target one day. “Daddy, we need to go to Target and buy the SpaceBag.”  Brad:  “What is a SpaceBag.”  Ethan:  “Oh, it’s a great bag that you put all your clothes and blankets in and it makes it really small and you can put it under your bed.  But, it’s not available in stores. So… I don’t know if Target will have it.  But, Dad it’s only $19.95!”  Needless to say, we now stick to mostly Veggie Tales DVD’s!